About us 

The Mitchell Old Company is a live entertainment company formed to produce theatrical productions and live entertainment experiences. Born out of the 2020 Covid Pandemic, The Mitchell Old Company aims to create enriching professional experiences for emerging artists as well as to revolutionize the Sydney theatre scene. The Mitchell Old Company looks forward to pushing the limits of professional theatre and live entertainment, whilst still providing opportunities for young professionals. 

In 2021, The Mitchell Old Company will be producing their debut production of 'The Last Five Years' written and composed by Jason Robert Brown. Featuring a pair of international actors, under the artistic direction of Mitchell Old, it will be musical experience that is not to be missed. Tickets can be bought below.

Mitchell Old

Managing Director

Mitchell Old is a young and upcoming Theatre Producer and Music Educator. Currently studying a Bachelor of Music Education at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Mitchell is already making waves within the Live Entertainment Industry. As a classical saxophonist, DJ, event manager, producer, director, audio engineer, conductor and educator, Mitchell sought to find an avenue where all of these skills could be combined with his strong entrepreneurial personality.

In 2019, Mitchell directed and produced his first Cabaret show entitled 'The Jazz Cafe' and was in turn awarded with the John Lincoln Youth Community Service Award for his contributions to the music programs within schools in the Hills. Mitchell was then appointed as the Musical Director at Black Sapphire Productions, a community theatre organisation in 2020. In September 2020, Mitchell created the Mitchell Old Company after identifying the gap that the 2020 Covid Pandemic had left in many artists lives. The upcoming 2021 production of 'The Last Five Years' will aim to bridge that gap and reignite live theatre within Sydney. Mitchell also has a passion for empowering young professionals to achieve their goals by creating professional environments where they can continue to grow their craft. The Mitchell Old Company Education program aims to promote creative careers and to illuminate the power of theatre and live entertainment.

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