Content Warning


This production of HEATHERS: The Musical is recommended for audiences over the age of 15. HEATHERS: The Musical contains: Strong Language, Gun Violence, Violent Death/Murder, Child Abuse, Rape, Suicide, Alcohol & Drug Use, Mild Domestic Violence, Bulimia, Homophobia, Fat Shaming, Sex and Sexual Themes. This production will also contain strobe lighting, theatrical haze, theatrical cigarettes, simulated gunfire and loud noises. 

We understand that some audience members may feel more comfortable knowing more specific details about the production and due to the intense nature of the show, we have included these below. If you feel as though you need more information or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on the details below. The following do include SPOILERS for the production. 


HEATHERS: The Musical contains uncensored high school vernacular that is often yelled at one another agressively.

Sex and Sexual References:

Throughout the show there are many sexual references, including where sexual acts are simulated by the entire cast. Veronica and J.D. engage in sexual intercourse with irresponsible motivations. There are moments within the production where many of the cast members are semi-nude, only wearing their underwear.

Gun Violence:

There are several gunshots in the production, with two characters being murdered with a gun.

Violent Death/Murder:

There are five deaths in the show and four of these happen onstage.

Child Abuse:

Kurt's Dad puts Kurt in a headlock. In this scene it is clear to see that Kurt and Ram are the way they are because of the way their fathers treat them. Similarly, J.D.'s father is verbally abusive.

Alcohol & Drug Use:

The entire cast engage in a scene "celebrating" underage drinking and drug use.


Teenagers Kurt and Ram become intoxicated and attempt to have sex with three girls, all of whom refuse. They corner Veronica and perform graphic actions such as humping her leg. Kurt and Ram are not successful, although they boast that they were later at school.


There are multiple instances of faking suicides, attempted suicide and one suicide by explosion.

Mild Domestic Violence:

J.D. theatrens Veronica, shakes her and holds her forcefully against her will throughout the production.

If you or someone you know needs information or support, please reach out to one of the following organisations: Beyond Blue, Lifeline and Headspace.

Content warnings are subject to change. We aim to be a clear in our materials as possible as we do not wish to offend personal sensibilities and values. If any changes are made to our content warnings any ticket holders will be able to view them on this page. For any further enquiries, please reach out to us at