Mitchell Old on L5Y and Starting A Theatre Company

Jason Robert Brown’s The Last Five Years is a beautifully unique piece of theatre.

With two concurrent storylines playing out at once, we follow Cathy and Jamie’s relationship from its start to its end… and back to its start. Not only is it unique in its structure, but it’s a two hander, and the pair only ever directly interact during one song in the middle of the show.

TL5Y has been a staple of the independent theatre scene since its initial premiere, and even garnered a film adaptation with Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan. Now, as music theatre slowly returns to Australia, The Mitchell Old Company are set to premiere the show as their debut production in February.

The company was founded by Mitchell, a 19 year old upcoming Theatre Producer, Musical Director and Music Educator. Currently studying a Bachelor of Music Education at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Mitchell is already making waves within the Live Entertainment Industry. In 2019, Mitchell directed and produced his first Cabaret show entitled “The Jazz Cafe” which provided a professional opportunity to dozens of emerging artists within Sydney. Mitchell has a passion for empowering young professionals to achieve their goals by providing professional environments where they can continue to grow their craft.

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