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Mitchell Old is a talented young man with enormous courage and tenacity. Fancy deciding to establish a new theatre company in the middle of a pandemic when theatres had been closed for months and the arts devastated!

But the Mitchell Old Theatre Company (TMOC) was founded as a direct response to that devastation.

With the support of a cohort of equally talented and committed young people, the TMOC set about providing opportunities for emerging creatives to “express themselves and develop their craft.” This production of Jason Robert Brown’s musical The Last Five Years is the first step in achieving that goal.

The Last Five Years has developed a cult following since it premiered in Chicago in 2001. It has been produced in more than twenty-seven countries and was adapted for the screen in 2014. It seemed the perfect choice for TMOC’s first production. Why? Firstly, it is COVID safe! There are only two performers and they are very seldom on the stage at the same time. Secondly it is about a young couple looking back over a love affair that has gone wrong … so it has romantic audience appeal. Thirdly, the music is enticing. A perfect combination to tempt audiences back into the theatre … and give actors and musicians the opportunity to ply their craft.

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