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Director/musical director Mitchell Old has assembled a talented group of musicians and performers for this exciting and vibrant production of THE LAST FIVE YEARS.

This is the debut production of the Mitchell Old Company, and is certainly an impressive achievement, particularly when one considers the average age of those involved, excluding the lighting/sound crew, is just 19 years.

THE LAST FIVE YEARS written and composed by Jason Robert Brown is an emotionally powerful and intimate musical which explores the lives of Cathy Hiatt, played by Hannah Alexander, and Jamie Wellerstein, played by Andrew Schwimmer, as they fall in and out of love.

This musical has gained somewhat of a cult following due to its unconventional structure. It chronicle’s the couple’s romance with Cathy telling her story in reverse, from the end of their turbulent relationship, whilst Jamie is telling his story from the spark of his first love for her. Other than when they walk onto the stage to set the scene, they meet and sing together only once as their stories overlap at their wedding, where they plan to spend the next 10 minutes, and every 10 minutes after that, together.

Both performers show a great range of emotions and though coming together only briefly we can feel the love and connection but also the heartbreak between them. In this production both are on stage at the same time, and the action moves from one side of the stage to the other, as they each tell their version of the story.

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