Timeout Talks HEATHERS

What's your damage? Get booking your tickets for this wild and unruly movie-turned-musical already

“Fuck me gently with a chainsaw,” Heathers: The Musical is coming to Darling Harbour. And before you start writing letters to the editor, that brilliantly graphic line is lifted directly from the cult classic 1989 movie starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater as teen misfits attempting to right the wrongs of a trio of high school queen bees, all named Heather. Well, sort of. Nobody is exactly innocent in this messed-up flick. But what it lacks in clear-cut morals, it more than makes up for in a brutal barrage of killer quotes like, “what’s your damage?” So much so that folks of a certain generation are still deploying them without mercy today.

It’s certainly one of the darker films to make its way to the stage in musical format, arguably only out-creeped by American Psycho. And while the musical tones down some of the more shocking elements of the plot, it remains gleefully potty-mouthed – if you're scandalised by the aforementioned quote, it might be a touch too spicy for you. “Why, now, are you pulling on my dick?” also makes the cut, just FYI.

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