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February 2021
Pioneer Theatre

The Mitchell Old Company presents our debut production of THE LAST FIVE YEARS. Playing to sold out audiences in Sydney, TMOC was able to provide professional experiences for dozens of emerging artists in Sydney. Our digital production boasted audiences of theatre lovers from four different continents. Our premier production also saw nearly 100 local high school students view professional live theatre in a local context as well as engage in a Q&A with the actors and creative team. The first of two productions for 2021, TMOC is incredibly excited to continue creating rewarding theatre experiences for both production members and audiences.



THE LAST FIVE YEARS, written and composed by Jason Robert Brown is a brilliantly funny, tender, intimate and playful musical that chronicles a couple’s passionate romance from both perspectives: Jamie from the beginning with all the optimism of young love, looking to the future; Cathy with the hurt and disappointment of its end, looking backwards. Somewhere in between their story overlaps. The Off-Broadway hit has developed a cult following worldwide in theatre communities, with its extraordinary ability to express universal feelings of love and heartbreak into a deeply affecting and intimate musical experience.

Production Team

Producer / Musical Director / Director   Mitchell Old

Assistant Musical Director   Matthew Ling

Set Designer   Josh Dewberry

Technical Supervisor   Chris Manton

Sound Operator   Lisa Manton

Wedding Scene Choreography   Tyler Grace

Cathy Hiatt   Hannah Alexander

Jamie Wellerstein   Andrew Schwimmer

Conductor   Mitchell Old

Keyboard   "Killer" Zachary Setiadi

Guitar   Monjie Echevarria

Bass   Matthew Ling

Violin   Shanela De Mel

Cello 1   Elizabeth Ferris

Cello 2   Michelle Stafurik

Stage Manager   Harry Alexander

FOH Manager   Stephanie Molloy

Technical Assistant   Yannis Low

Technical Assistant   Josh Honeyman

Stage Crew   Cassie Stokan

Stage Crew   Jesse Stokes

Stage Crew   Finn Mawn


"Director / Musical Director Mitchell Old has assembled a talented group of musicians and performers for this exciting and vibrant production of THE LAST FIVE YEARS. This is the debut production of The Mitchell Old Company, and is certainly an impressive achievement, particularly when one considers the average age of those involved, excluding the lighting/sound crew, is just 19 years." - Maggy Franklin, Sydney Arts Guide

"Mitchell Old is a talented young man with enormous courage and tenacity... their talent and commitment to their art and this production are incredibly strong." Carol Wimmer, Stage Whispers

"The average age I am told is 20 and that holds very little relevance, really, apart from a reassurance that there is so much more of this fine work to come." Reviews by Judith

Originally Produced for the New York stage by Arielle Tepper and Marty Bell. Originally Produced by Northlight Theatre Chicago, IL. 

Licensed exclusively by Music Theatre International (Australasia)